Natalie Serovy

The music is and original acoustic Wailers' track featuring myself on vocals and Stefano Corradi on the bass.The first portion of the video was filmed through the windshield of my 1989 white toyota camry with red velvet interior as I drove daily to Otis College of Art and Design from East Los Angeles.My little cream cheese, red velvet mobile had an anime sticker on the left side and she danced with me everyday until the engine died-for the final time. I sold her on craigslist 20 minutes later at a 7- eleven parking lot. The video is coupled with found footage, still images of myself and friends layered with projections of  "others" as well as personal photographs. My work has always had an element of crippling empathy and an attempt to step into another's shoes, reaching beyond the superficial projections society places on us.

The buzzing bee footage was collected from French GEO TV, shot  from the window of a tiny studio over the mediterranean sea. Maybe it's because I'm an aquarius, but water is the only place that sets me free when nothing else will. The footage was taken on a lucky trip to Nice, France that culminated in my departure from the LA art world and the loss of a very overgrown relationship. The background of the "NO VACANCY" clip was shot on the bus which runs through West Baltimore to downtown, part of the route I took daily to high school. The vacant houses are the "spiritual bankruptcy" and emptiness of the soul that inevitably comes with addiction, a misconceived epidemic run rampant in my beloved

" Charm City".

I've often found myself alone and happy on a bus going somewhere else.  


No Images. A symphony orchestra of feathered friends singing, sorrounding us in an operetta on the outskirts of the town of Nicasio, a Spanish term derived from ancient Greek, meaning VICTORY!


Have you ever been troubled by the seeming lack of meaning ?  Contemplation of * Divine murder- suicide could be fitting, or you could just eat grilled cheese.

The monologue is adapted from a Nicolas Cage speech in the movie " Adaptation". The story is loosely influenced by Kaftka's

" Metamorphisis ". 

 *Divine- the main queen in John Water's cinema of trasgression classic, "Pink Flamingos".  Her voice was used in my video at the juncture when " Sasha" is shot and the birds start running.

The name for this comes from a loved one with  Schizophrenia, who during an episode believed she could no longer smoke American Spirit cigarettes, since the fumes triggered the conjuring of actual evil "spirits" everytime her roomate, a whitch, had one. Sick as she is, this same family member has an unbreakable "spirit" of love and faith that can never die, a love that shines through her deepest delusions. She's afflcited by some sort of inexplicable disease, but in the midst of her painful life she never ceases to be a loving mother and encourage her daughter to think postively and reach for the stars.The image is composed of a photograph of myself layered with a google image of James Dean that was animated in post prodcution and set to the backdrop of organges, a treat used to curb the resteless hands whose owner  had finally quit smoking. 

Like James Dean, all true "American Spirits" never die. 



The sound is derived from youtube hypnosis videos for smoking cessation. No one goes into the spiritual realm completely alone. "You need a guide".

I'm scared.


The word for Guava in Thai is " Farang", but " Farang" also means foreigner of western origin, and during my years living there , I shared many laughs with friends and taxi drivers while eating guavas. The fruit , though imported from Portugal and other foreign lands, is now ubiquitous in every

fruit stand. 


Love gets lost but never forgotten.

Driving home one day, I noticed this elegant and beatiful performance and party taking place in a space that hours before had been nothing more than a porta-potty retailer. 

So much color stuck behind bars.

Pretty shaming sucks. How does being "pretty" help when the woman behind the desk at an interview is you? 

I never "nepotism" shamed you before today; instead I just let you take my words right out of my throat and put my so-called pretty face into a

bondage of my own making. 

In the midst of an ego war,dressed up in ornate language among privileged art students in an expensive graduate school pre-2016 election, my bright and talented professor originally from Greece utilized her mini idée fixe with the Mexican pop legend Selena to bring us together. Instead of forcing her students to write a fifteen page critical theory paper, we had the option of performing a piece from the late singer in honor of the twentieth anniversary of her passing. Selena taught me to finally sing again even if it's completely off key and the words aren't polished. I've since taught myself harmonica and piano and could care less what the world thinks. Once more, the footage was shot

alone on a bus going someplace else

, this time,

toward a castle on a mountain.